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The next wave of innovation and productivity beckons.

McKinsey estimates Generative AI will contribute $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion in value across industries.

We are at a historical juncture when the winners of the next decade are being decided. The dice are loaded against businesses that fail to reinvent. Harnessing Gen AI early on to drive strategic business transformation is the only way to survive the industry upheaval and retain your competitive edge.

Startups are built on disruption. Gen AI enables you to disrupt at scale. Realize your rough ideas into prototypes and full-fledged applications, craft handcrafted customer journeys, and drive unprecedented productivity.

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Gen AI enables a generational leap for your startup

The disruptive gene is already a part of your startup DNA. Gen AI enables you to power through build cycles and leap directly into the next frontier of productivity, business agility and innovation.

With Gen AI:
Innovate faster

Innovate, iterate and go to market faster  with ease with optimum efficiency alignment for your operations.

Reinvent your startup

Unlock new opportunities as Gen AI helps reinvent your customer experience from the ground up.

Improve productivity

Improve productivity by orders of magnitude as Gen AI automates and streamlines your customer service.

The future of your autonomous startup. Delivered today.

End-to-end AI Integration & Consulting

Want to automate and streamline complex workflows, cut costs and scale effortlessly? We understand your idea and help you sketch out the roadmap to turn your product/ service into reality using Gen AI.

Prototype, iterate and get to revenue faster

Handheld guidance through each stage of your startup journey

Custom AI Application & Development

Unleash the full power of LLMs, NLP, Conversational AI and Knowledge Graphs in your business processes.

Build transformative SaaS applications for sentiment analysis, recommender systems, chatbots, and more

Implement new AI solutions, integrate GPT and other AI services in existing processes

Design creative work with Midjourney, Stable Diffusion & DALL-E 2

Pre-built AI Solutions for your niche

Confused on where to get started with Gen AI? We offer pre-built prototypes so you can test out the possibilities of Gen AI.

Whether you're in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, real estate, sales, marketing, customer service, hospitality, finance or law - we've got the right Gen AI prototype for your niche.

Pre-built AI Prototypes for your niche

Why Jumpstarter?

Proven Gen AI Talent

We move faster.
And in the breakneck pace of Gen AI development - you need an experienced team that can deliver at speed and with assurance.

Our team of ML engineers, data scientists, LLM and Gen AI experts cover AWS, Azure, SQL, Python, NodeJS, ReactJS and more.

Early Adoption Advantage

We are ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

We have implemented Gen AI in a variety of niches and recorded astonishing ROI.

We specialize in handholding startups and support complex projects with testing, prototyping, delivery, and support services.

Unmatched Customer Support & Happy Customers

Zero-hassle onboarding. Continuous support. Virtual assistance 18/5.

We offer proactive consultation on automation opportunities within your ops, so you can relax and focus on growing your business.


"A lot of the game of AI today is finding the appropriate business context to fit it in. Technology opens up lots of opportunities. But in the end, technology needs to be contextualized and fit into a business use case."

Andrew Ng
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Ranbeer Makin, Founder of Jumpstarter

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“Our unique process of prototyping, MVP and Gen AI solution development makes it simpler for startups and SMEs to craft a definitive competitive edge."

Jumpstarter is your ideal development partner from concept to launch and beyond.

With our deep understanding of your vision, we act as your extended team, so you can quickly prototype your dream product, scale rapidly and grow on demand with Gen AI.

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GenAI Promises Delivered.

Cost Analysts rejoice with automated vendor onboarding and contract compliance


Imagine manually extracting data and using limited third- party OCR to process 40000+ vendor invoice PDFs annually.


USD 75,000 worth of work hours saved for client with automated vendor onboarding and contract compliance workflow.


We implemented a targeted solution that integrated the powerful text extraction capabilities of AWS Textract OCR service that fed into GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) for data extraction. We automated the process using Python scripts and leveraged Microsoft Power Automate workflows to streamline the flow of data and tasks within the system.

On-demand content generation for Guide to Iceland blog


Each human-authored blog took a minimum of 5 hours to create. This severely limited the scope of the blog to scale at will.


5 hours of manual effort reduced to 3 minutes. Automated and streamlined process for publishing SEO-optimized articles.


Jumpstarter built a blog content generation system powered by GPT-4 and Google Search APIs. The system utilized a keyword input to generate optimized and up-to-date headings for the articles. Leveraging the power of GPT-4, the system then produced fully optimized article content based on the generated headings. This case study is a perfect example of how advanced AI technologies can revolutionize content creation for companies.

Enterprise knowledge-specific Q&A chatbot for The Ortus Group


This reputed medical device manufacturer had hundreds of devices with manuals that ran into 400+ pages. Hardly userfriendly with lives on the line depending on a quick fix.


Estimated savings of 1000s of hours of manual search with an intelligent, context-aware chatbot that answers questions in seconds.


Jumpstarter developed the chatbot using NLP, LLM, OpenAI, and a vector database hosted on Microsoft Cloud. It utilized advanced natural language processing techniques to understand input questions and extract relevant instructions from the manuals. The chatbot provided concise and accurate answers, accompanied by relevant lines from the manual - effectively revolutionizing the way the company accessed information

Jumpstarter Gen AI Blog

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI refers to the application of artificial intelligence techniques to generate new and original content, such as images, text, music, or even entire virtual worlds. It involves training models on large datasets and enabling them to create unique and realistic outputs based on the patterns and knowledge learned during training.

How can Generative AI benefit my startup?

Generative AI opens up a world of possibilities for startups across industries. Scale with a leaner team with Gen AI creative content generation, design optimization, data augmentation, personalized recommendations, virtual prototyping, and more. By harnessing the power of generative AI, startups can finally compete at par with more established businesses with enhanced innovation capabilities, streamlined processes, and unique customer experiences.

What are the tools required for building Generative AI powered applications?

You'll need any programming language (preferably Python), access to Large Language Models APIs (we prefer Open AI and ChatGPT), and a healthy dose of enthusiasm and patience to build a Gen AI powered application!

How can I integrate Generative AI into my startup?

Getting to the true potential of your business idea can be a breeze with Gen AI. Integrating Gen AI enables you to edge out peers with a true competitive edge and can be achieved through various approaches:  

- Developing in-house expertise: Building a dedicated team of AI experts and data scientists to develop and deploy generative AI models tailored to your specific business needs.  

- Utilizing third-party services: Collaborating with a trusted generative AI service provider that offers customizable solutions and APIs for easy integration into your existing systems.  

- Outsourcing the work to Gen AI experts like us: At Jumpstarter, we are committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge Gen AI solutions. We help you realize your startup vision and the true potential of your far-reaching ideas.

How can I get started with Generative AI Solutions?

To get started with Generative AI Solutions, reach out to our team through our contact form. We'll be delighted to understand your business requirements, discuss potential use cases, and provide custom-tailored solutions to unlock the power of Gen AI for your business.  

Scale your creative ideas with leaner and more agile teams, drive innovation without bars, and achieve unprecedented levels of success without getting bogged down by manual interventions.  

Call us today to experience the full potential of Gen AI in your business!

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What Our Clients Say?

Aaron S

CEO  P3 Cost Analyst

The Jumpstarter team has been instrumental in fully automating a complicated enterprise workflow and data extraction process. This has enabled us to scale easily.

Ingolfu S

Co-founder  Guide to Iceland

Content generation at scale has been a gamechanger for us. We are now fully capable of leveraging Gen AI for a 10x increase in efficiency and productivity.

Peter B

COO  The Ortus Group

The transition from manually sorting through hundreds of pages of dense medical technical documentation to just being able to ask a context-aware chatbot for answers has been nothing short of magical.

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