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A company is never better than the results it creates for its clients.
Here’s what we have done for ours.


The preventive care sector is plagued by an ineffective model with several bottlenecks. PelaHealth wanted to change that and bring a solution that would:

Reduce the time carers have to spend on paperwork.
Track patient health remotely.
Care gaps
Minimize the number of care gaps.
More time spent
on patient care
Monthly vital readings
Reduction in care gaps
What we did

After Discovery Calls with the client, we understood client vision and brainstormed on ways to improve and deliver a new system for proactive care. After transparent communication and careful review, we decided on an automated all-in-one platform to remove financial, time and engagement bottlenecks for all stakeholders.

The next step was to develop and validate the concept with an MVP. After Weekly Client Sync-Ups, user testing and feedback implementation, we launched the app in its MVP state for efficiency while finalizing and updating the final platform.


Total time: 6 months


Final cost: $ 50,000 (55%+ saved)

The solution tremendously improved operational efficiency, providing a competitive advantage for PelaHealth – while saving a lot of money.

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  • Web, iOS & Android applications
  • Back-end APIs & External API data sync
  • SaaS platform with integration of payment & subscription management
  • Workflow automation
  • MVP Development & Launch
  • Platform development & Growth
Sharvil P
CEO of PelaHealth
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The product works beautifully!

Working with Ranbeer and his team has been amazing! There is a clear line of communication on the business and technology logic and the product works beautifully.

Buyable Image
  • Mobile responsive SaaS web app.
  • Integration of payment & subscription management.
  • Monthly email engagement workflow automation.
  • Complex export to PDFs & Excel.
  • UI Prototype & UI Design makeover.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • MVP Development & Launch (with frequent updates).
  • SaaS platform with integration of payment & subscription management.
  • Workflow automation.


Fashion stores everywhere are overwhelmed by having to buy wholesale while simultaneously tracking and managing their end-to-end process. Buyable sought to change that and tasked us with finding ways to save retailer’s time by:

Reducing resource-intensive manual tracking.
Optimizing organization.
Planning purchases.
Stores onboarded
within 1 year
Time saved on ordering
6 weeks
To market
What we did

After an initial Discovery Call with the client, the challenges, goals and pain points became apparent. Our idea was a SaaS application built on our proprietary framework displaying real-time information accessible across multiple devices.

The client fell in love with the concept and wanted us to validate it with an MVP. After Weekly Client Sync-Ups, user testing and feedback implementation, we had a custom high-performing solution. Since it worked right out of the box to improve operational efficiency for fashion stores, we could launch it in its MVP state and update it frequently and iteratively.


Total time: 6 weeks (MVPV1)


MVP V1 cost: $ 10,000 (55%+ saved)

The solution dramatically improved time-to-market for Buyable while making them the go-to solution for increased informed decision-making and operational efficiency of store owners.

Spenser Therry
CEO of Buyable
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A crucial part of my business!

They have been a crucial part of my business since the very beginning and helped bring my SaaS business idea to life! I don’t know what I would do without them!


In a world where many modern companies are decentralizing, Tapestree seeks to help employers and employees work together to grow their businesses by:

Engaging them in constructive conversation.
Incentivizing employee-driven insights.
Pain points
Identifying key pain points.
User Engagement
50 Users
With pilot
5 Companies
Onboarded in 3 months
What we did

We created a robust and intuitive platform that allows for real-time video and audio communication between participants. The company admins rely on a dashboard that provides engagement overview, participant feedback and scores. The super admin can manage all settings and platform content - all through a simple admin panel.

We also supported the client in the pilot programs while being available 18x5. The pilot and platform is a huge success due to our:

->  Agile delivery process.
-> Ability and willingness to go deep dive in business logic.
->  Transparent communication process.


Total time: 6 Months (MVPV1)


MVP V1 cost: $ 30,000 (55%+ saved)

While our collaboration was only supposed to be a short-term evaluation, they were so impressed that we have continued working together for the past several months.

Tapestree Image
  • Latest development stack (React &
  • Integrated with Agora for audio/video communication.
  • Hosted on Auto-scalable infrastructure.
  • Integrated low-code platforms for cost-effectiveness.
  • MVP Development & Launch (with iterative updates).
Desmond Mitchell
CEO of Tapestree
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Could not have asked for a better team

From being thought partners to providing clear communication on challenges, timelines, and deliverables, I could not have asked to work with a better team.

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