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Desmond Mitchell
CEO of Tapestree

What started as a short-term thing turned into 7 months of amazing results. While I thought I only needed a quick product evaluation, the team recommended me a running MVP with quick updates. That turned out to be a great call
– I don’t know where we would be without them.

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Discovery Call

Whether you need a prototype, MVP or a platform development, we recommend starting with a free diiscovery call to get to know you, your vision, and the challenges you are facing. The reason is simple: when we understand your needs, pain points and vision, we will be better equipped to create the best possible outcome.

While some developers are happy to take your money and cut risky corners – we care about your success and know what you need.

We will provide informed and relevant suggestions so that you can avoid costly mistakes while improving project efficiency and impact.

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Every development phase follows
our 3D approach

Our 3D-Approach

After  our initial call, we’ll evaluate your situation to decide if you should start with a Prototype, MVP or go straight to Platform development. Whatever we decide together, every development phase follows our iterative 3D model:

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We understand your vision, review concept, and suggest next steps

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We design, develop, user test the app end-to-end, and implement feedback.


We deliver useful outcomes based on the type of assignment.


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Rapid Prototyping Process

If you want to optimize your cost spend and want to validate your concept first, we recommend starting with a prototype. It not only gives you clarity on what your users need but also helps improve their experience. We apply the same 3D approach here as well!

  • Identify system components
  • Map out user journey
  • List key features
  • Create and iterate wireframes
  • Create and iterate mockups
  • Test the prototype with 5 users
  • Implement feedback
  • System diagrams
  • Clickable wireframes/mockups
  • Final user journeys
  • Development roadmap
  • User testing results & suggestions
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Mvp & Platform Development processes thumbnail


MVP & Platform Development Processes

We recommend starting with a prototype first. However, if you are clear on what yours users want we can kick start this phase.
While sharing a similar process, the focus and outcome of MVP & Platform differ.

MVP Development: First version of the product with real world validation and feature testing.

Platform Development:
Cross-platform support, integrations, APIs and dashboards

  • Identify system components
  • Map out user journey
  • List key features to test
  • Divide features into 2 week sprints
  • Create and iterate wireframes and mockups
  • Agile based development
  • Test & iterate
  • Launch when criterias are met
  • Provide support
  • Documentation (user journeys, flow diagrams, business logic)
  • Design (wireframes & mockups)
  • Well documented code
  • Test scenarios and acceptance criteria
  • Platform & code access
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